Human activity has greatly affected the Tropical Grassland/Savanna.  Humans have cleared away grassland to use as farmland for crops and raising cattles. Fires have been inadvertently started and quickly spread through the coarse soil, damaging lots of it. Animals have also been hunted to near extinction in this biome for their fur and meat. Thankfully, the hunting of animals in this biome has been made illegal and national parks are being set up to help preserve the land in the Tropical Grassland/Savanna biome and to spread awareness.

Humans can also affect the equilibrium in this biome. Humans can kill animals in this biome causing the equilibrium to be off as the population would have decreased.

Biodiversity is the mix of species and their genetic makeup in the environment they occur in.  Biodiversity is important. If only one species of animals lived in the savanna, and only one species of plant grew, the competition would be massive. It would be a huge fight for survival. Having different species helps to give different food sources so that not everyone is trying to eat the same thing.

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